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So Camping just “misunderstood” the kind of Judgement?

He’s still attempting to still cash in on his latest apocalypse fumble. Justifying all previously failed doomsday predictions, Harold Camping has said that God did come in 1994 and that He has come this time too for the final ‘judgement’. … Continue reading

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5 million steps to end world hunger would have also worked..

Better, in fact, because that could have raised some substantial funds for such a worthwhile cause. A penny per step even. Something, at least. So why did Charles Anderson, 58, walk that much? He did it for Jesus. Charles Anderson … Continue reading

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“Rain and rainbows are great reminders…”

that refraction is pretty damn cool. Which reminds me.. ever watch this? Hopefully kids today are learning about sunlight and the prism effect of water droplets. “That wasn’t happening 20 years ago.” Sure it hell was. I was a sprinkler … Continue reading

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It was naive to assume Saskatoon was immune to the lun…

…acy that is Harold Camping and his end of the world followers. Friend and fellow Freethinker Koinosuke snapped this puppy while on Circle Drive. Anyone who can afford to pay the price can advertise on a billboard but I’d love … Continue reading

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If the world doesn’t end in May or October, try November

According to Harold Camping and his ilk, Judgment Day hits on May 21st of this year with the big end of world finish a mere five months later. Camping’s loons faithful followers been touring Bermuda these days. The religious fellowship … Continue reading

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