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Bless this pizza, Mary, Jesus…

You can’t set your watch by them, but stories about seeing religious figures in ordinary things is such a regular occurrence in the field of journalism, I guess they can’t not report on them. Josh Mather, of Mansfield, couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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Weighing in on a sexism issue

There’s been a discussion/airing of grievances going on regarding a recent panel discussion at an atheist conference and the treatment of women there and elsewhere. Things got testy after some suggestions were made about women and men, and how each … Continue reading

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Rockin’ rollin’ Jesus — well, rockin’ anyway…

Well, rocking in the mind of Lou Balducci, anyway, who discovered marks on an old rocking chair that put him in mind of all those pictures of Jesus we have in the world… like the ones on toast and tacos, … Continue reading

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Bieber’s movie a “faith based block-buster”?

Two celebrity posts in a day. I’m slipping. Still, I ran across two different Bieber articles in the span of two minutes and couldn’t resist. The first has this amusing line regarding Bieber’s singing future once puberty strikes: As The-Dream … Continue reading

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Looks like “Freez-us” Jesus is a peeping tom

Again I wonder why this kind of crap becomes news. Many people are praying for their roofs to stay strong under all the snow, but one man has found faith hanging from his window. This picture was sent in to … Continue reading

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Oh say, can you see Virgin Mary in a taco, baby?

Sorry, it’s a tortilla: While heating up some tortillas Tuesday afternoon, a mother in Starr County, Texas, says she was surprised when some unexpected visitors turned up in her kitchen — the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus. Melinda Solis … Continue reading

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Prison time a “blessing” for born again rocker

Jayme “Dusty” Murphy of Datum Point, a Christian metal band, went to prison in his younger days for trying to torch a church. He claims the devil urged him onto that idea but whatever. At some point during his 39 … Continue reading

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Journalist to therapist: still can’t pray out the gay

Journalist and gay-rights activist Patrick Strudwick went undercover (with his tape recorder under cover, too) to Lesley Pilkington’s office to see what tactics she would use to change him into a heterosexual man. The result of their meeting might spell … Continue reading

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Jesus insult insults parents

Remember Smokin’ Drinkin’ Jesus? Maybe your memory isn’t as..shall we say.. specialized as mine is. Back in February I found out about a school book publisher in India that chose a hilariously bad Jesus picture for one of its lesson … Continue reading

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Today is “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church”

…according to an ad at Christian News Headlines that leads to Open Doors USA, anyway. It’s jam packed with biased information about Christians around the world who aren’t blessed enough to be Americans or something. Don’t be thinking I’m belittling … Continue reading

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