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“Intelligent design” in the science of smell?

Going by the Christian Headlines headline, yes. In a study published last month by Nature Communications, researchers reported new findings from fruit flies about how the olfactory system works. Until now, scientists assumed olfactory receptors worked by sending a simple … Continue reading

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Watched Expelled today

Saskatoon’s CFI affiliate watched the film Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed this afternoon. The whole film is available on Youtube if you want to put yourself through it. It’s a “documentary” that plays fast and loose with the notion of … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck is proof science class is important

World Net Daily is quoting him in an article saying some completely stupid shit about the evolutionary process. Were human beings created by God in an instant, or over millions of years through evolution? Glenn Beck addressed the question on … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (science is way cool)

Several posts over the next couple weeks are being pulled out of my drafts, if the title wasn’t a clue. I’ve been storing ideas in there for..oh, months now, and it’s high time some of them see light. New Scientist … Continue reading

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Science center being sued over ID movie cancellation

The California Science Center opted to cancel a pro-intelligent design film recently, and left themselves wide open for a lawsuit against them by the American Freedom Alliance, a “think tank and activist network promoting Western values and ideals.” Western being … Continue reading

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Also, god deliberately messed up creation just to mess with our minds

God totally designed flawed systems and body parts to make people think no god would be so stupid as to design things in such a fucked up way. God’s gonna get the last laugh… That does appear to be the … Continue reading

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Still the single greatest idea ever

Still the simplest and most sensible explanation for species adaptation, still the most misunderstood concept by all those who claim it’s wrong. On the Origin of Species was published 150 years ago today. And no, I haven’t read it. I … Continue reading

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