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Holy Allah on a dress, Batman! Book ’em, Danno!

That’s how seriously I take this case. I can make bad jokes about it. Sadly, it’s no joke. Salman Khan of Bollywood fame runs a non-profit organization in India called Being Human. The website isn’t well designed but it advertises … Continue reading

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Why blasphemy is important

This is International Blasphemy Rights Day: International Blasphemy Rights Day takes place every September 30th, to commemorate the publishing of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons. The purpose of this event is to set a particular day as a day to support … Continue reading

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Quotable Krishna

Stop and take note of this if you will: The need for some Christians to convert those of other faiths seems incredibly silly to me. Against the assertion that Christ had claimed “Only through me shall ye know God,” Krishna … Continue reading

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Did you know Jesus settled in Kashmir?

Apparently after he survived his crucifixion, he tootled over to India to hang out for a while. Hundreds of tourists have since seen the shrine supposedly containing his remains, although most locals think the bones are really evidence of some … Continue reading

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How hard would you fight to combat ignorance?

Interesting story out of the Times this week – Sanal Edamaruku makes a living out of exposing con men in India. This week India’s most popular yoga master, Baba Ramdev, announced plans to launch a political party, promising to cleanse … Continue reading

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