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Where 1minion “debates” a reverend

Not a real debate, obviously, and maybe debate will wind up being the wrong word. I’ve never heard of Rev. Tommy O’Leary but I just found one of his “Reflections” columns and feel like replying to it. We’ve all heard … Continue reading

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British Humanists want accurate census

and are hoping those who fill out their census information later this month take extra care when they get to the lines about religion. They’ve got a site up to promote their project (The Census Campaign) and I quote from … Continue reading

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Of course it’d happen the week I won’t be updating much…

Just saw the email from Planet Atheism letting me know my blog will be turning up on that site now. I debated sending a request but in the end went with it. It’ll be neat to get a bit more … Continue reading

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And I quote: “Do others have the right to define what’s ethical for me?”

The Ottawa Citizen has a unique Ask the Religion Experts section. What makes it cool is that one of the Experts on their panel is a humanist from CFI-Canada. I don’t have all the details, but Kevin Smith and CFI … Continue reading

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What is the purpose of church? Depends who you ask

I found a new opinion piece put together by Leon Fontaine at the Winnipeg Sun. I wrote a reply to something else he published recently regarding faith and I’m game for another go. We live in a world where many … Continue reading

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“Post-theistic” doesn’t sound terrible

A phrase like that sounds like it walks the line between belief in higher power and scrapping the idea in favour of humanism, according to this article I found at The United Church Observer: Post-theism has quietly emerged in individual … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about (secular) sex, baby…

I’m quoting an email I received in full.: I am forwarding a message from Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus. He is conducting a survey of human sexuality, and is asking non-believers to complete an anonymous survey. Please complete … Continue reading

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Westboro pickets more deaths.. are we surprised?

Not so much. As Jared Lee Loughner’s life gets investigated on account of him shooting U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, Fred Phelps and his ilk are looking forward to picketing more funerals after Loughner’s actions. [edit 4:54 pm: fixed … Continue reading

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Quotable Christian

In regards to Fort Worth, Texas and the Christian outcry over atheist advertising: Christians are sometimes our own worst enemy, especially when we claim to be offended. Those pastors and concerned Christians who demanded that the transportation authority ban the … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, vol. 44

Someone was hunting for information about “new humanist advertising” recently. I see New Humanist had an article in November about an ad campaign in the States but I’d rather see how the Centre for Inquiry-Canada’s ad campaign is doing. Justin … Continue reading

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