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It’s turkey day up Canada way

But I think this bird’s American: Hope yours didn’t put up too much of a fight! Happy Thanksgiving! oxo 1minion (picture originally found here)

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Show me the way to go home…

I’m tired and I want to go to bed… I’m not used to holidays. Weekends are usually enough of a break from work, so taking Friday off, the weekend, Monday stat, and the extra Tuesday seems like way more slacking … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Poetry – holiday edition

It’s Thanksgiving down in Dial Up Land where cell phones work, but not broadband. Two special posts proceed as planned and more if I am able. Still, don’t despair, or gnash your jaw or stab an eye with a hammer’s … Continue reading

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Muslims want school holidays too

I can’t say I blame them, actually. Nearly every school holiday seems wrapped up in Christian-based ideas of what days are holy days. Not a big problem back when nearly everyone was demonstrably Christian but now is that really fair … Continue reading

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“Christmas music makes me gag!”

Too bad the person who posted this song didn’t actually make a video to go along with it but since it’s free, do I have any real right to gripe? Likely not. I never cared to watch Ren and Stimpy … Continue reading

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Does purchase power leave you feeling powerless?

I heard on the radio yesterday that Saskatoon is clamping down on unpaid parking tickets. I’ll brag a bit here and say I’ve never gotten one, but some chick at the radio station was getting teased by the DJ dudes … Continue reading

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Yule be grateful this solstice season

It might be overshadowed by Christian ritual now, but the longest winter night of the year is still a wonder in and of itself for those who follow pagan traditions. “The winter solstice is the longest night (of the year), … Continue reading

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