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Quotable irony

I delved into WORLDmag.com for ideas for this post and found an opinion piece by Warren Cole Smith about the ongoing “War on Christmas.” First of all, Jesus is most certainly not the reason for the orgiastic spending spree modern … Continue reading

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Atheist signs less welcome than incontinence in a public pool

An atheist and Humanist group in Chambersburg, PA. wanted to hang a sign thanking veterans this holiday season. Had it been anyone else, no doubt the sign could have hung with the all the rest. But it’s an atheist sign! … Continue reading

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Remember to put the Fest in “Festive” this year!

Definition of fest for those who want it: –noun an assembly of people engaged in a common activity (often used in combination): filmfest; gabfest; love-fest; poetry fest. Over in Scotland, Dundee has declared December to be Christian Christmas free. No … Continue reading

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Odes to Joy should be optional

Strange report coming out of California… Sorry, let me start that again. Typical report coming out of California: a substitute teacher has decreed that is it vital kids be given the freedom to be forced to sing religious carols in … Continue reading

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It’s turkey day up Canada way

But I think this bird’s American: Hope yours didn’t put up too much of a fight! Happy Thanksgiving! oxo 1minion (picture originally found here)

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Show me the way to go home…

I’m tired and I want to go to bed… I’m not used to holidays. Weekends are usually enough of a break from work, so taking Friday off, the weekend, Monday stat, and the extra Tuesday seems like way more slacking … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Poetry – holiday edition

It’s Thanksgiving down in Dial Up Land where cell phones work, but not broadband. Two special posts proceed as planned and more if I am able. Still, don’t despair, or gnash your jaw or stab an eye with a hammer’s … Continue reading

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Muslims want school holidays too

I can’t say I blame them, actually. Nearly every school holiday seems wrapped up in Christian-based ideas of what days are holy days. Not a big problem back when nearly everyone was demonstrably Christian but now is that really fair … Continue reading

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“Christmas music makes me gag!”

Too bad the person who posted this song didn’t actually make a video to go along with it but since it’s free, do I have any real right to gripe? Likely not. I never cared to watch Ren and Stimpy … Continue reading

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Does purchase power leave you feeling powerless?

I heard on the radio yesterday that Saskatoon is clamping down on unpaid parking tickets. I’ll brag a bit here and say I’ve never gotten one, but some chick at the radio station was getting teased by the DJ dudes … Continue reading

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