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So I did receive “Unorthodox” in the mail this week

This weekend I’ll read Deborah Feldman’s memoir about growing up Hasidic and her “scandalous rejection” of those roots. I’d gotten an email offer last week to receive a free copy. So I’ll be reading about her family on Family Day … Continue reading

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Turkey time in Dial-Up Land

like every other year I take a little holiday– fill up on family cheer. The weather will be fine the food will be divine and posts will soon resume — don’t fear! (via)

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Less than 3 months away..must be time for War on Christmas!

The most recent casualty, at least going by the Daily Mail, is a release of Thomas the Tank Engine on DVD: The team behind the much-loved children’s TV series has angered campaigners by setting a story during the ‘winter holidays’. … Continue reading

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Opinion vs opinion (1minion vs West Texas)

For lack of other ideas, I quote Terry Williamson at the Midland Reporter-Telegram and his opinion piece about the need to do away with the notion of “freedom from religion.” Is it OK if I say Happy Easter? I get … Continue reading

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Happy Lupricalia everybody!

A site called God Discussion has helpfully compiled several ways various religious groups celebrate Valentine’s day, or not. The Restored Church of God (an offshoot of the former Worldwide Church of God–now named Grace Communion International) thinks nobody should be … Continue reading

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Good holiday? Mine was (mostly)

I took the bus home Thursday after work and did little on the internet over the weekend beyond checking temperatures and wind conditions. I had a serious craving to re-live my childhood. I dug out the old Krazy Karpet and … Continue reading

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“War” on Christmas is a misnomer

I don’t really get this whole “war on Christmas” thing that people get tetchy about this time of year. When there are requests to remove nativity scenes off government property, it’s because a government shouldn’t give special treatment to one … Continue reading

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