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“Is it possible that …Jesus learned to purify his mind using ancient Vedic techniques?”

I love how people get so worked up about Christ’s missing years that they’ll go through this much trouble to invent one for him. There’s a three part set of documentaries suggesting Jesus was in India at the tender age … Continue reading

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100,000 people have banked on Lord Ram?

Calls to mind the idea of Pascal’s wager. What if the folks in this article are the only ones who have the right god in mind? Ram Ramapati Bank in this popular pilgrim city is a bank all right, but … Continue reading

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Why blasphemy is important

This is International Blasphemy Rights Day: International Blasphemy Rights Day takes place every September 30th, to commemorate the publishing of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons. The purpose of this event is to set a particular day as a day to support … Continue reading

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Offer blood to Gadhimai and…

benefit from good fortune five years from now, apparently. But it’s not good enough to open one of your own veins. At least 10,000 buffalo have to die in order for a whole country to benefit. And that’s not all. … Continue reading

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Ganesh, the new god of gardening?

I love the stories of people seeing things in things so it’s a nice switch to have a story not based on Catholic delusions. This time it’s a Hindu man’s fervent belief that Ganesh has healed him, thanks to the … Continue reading

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Now yoga is evil?

“Yoga at school causes stress among some” superstitious bible-thumpers who are afraid their kids might learn about Hinduism. A change of belief-venue might be too tempting for their little Christian snowflakes. The program does not have ulterior motives, Julie Reagan, … Continue reading

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