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“We all have a desire for heaven” — Wanna rethink that statement?

It’s time to read Billy Graham’s mail again. Why do you think most people still believe in some kind of life after death, even if they aren’t particularly religious or don’t think very much about it? — E.A. Because without … Continue reading

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Heaven revealed to be a sham!

No, sorry.. I read that wrong. Heaven Revealed, by Dr. Paul Enns, is a book he wrote in which he claims heaven to be the same as living on earth. Enns pointed to Matthew 26:29, when Jesus says he will … Continue reading

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New bodies await us in heaven? How could Billy Graham know that?

Here’s the question this time around: I’m confused, because on Easter our pastor said that not only will our souls go to be with God, but we’ll also be given new bodies in heaven. Is this in the Bible? Why … Continue reading

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“Heaven is for real” money, still lacks realism

A friend passed along a Washington Times article worth quoting: What is truly disturbing about this book’s huge commercial success is that it attests to the prevalence of unreason among vast numbers of Americans. (The book is way down in … Continue reading

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Reminded of another after-life book…

You know who else likes publishing books to tell elaborate stories about goings on in the afterlife? Sylvia Browne. Her most recent attempt to take make money was called Afterlives of the Rich and Famous. I flipped through a copy … Continue reading

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What’s behind the veil? Probably nothing.

This is the first I’m hearing of a book called Heaven is for Real: a little boy’s astonishing story of his trip to heaven and back, by the boy’s father, an evangelical pastor named Todd Burpo. So far my library … Continue reading

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I haven’t picked on Billy Graham in a while

Since Halloween is only a couple weeks away, I’ll focus on this question: My mother died recently, and although I know she’s in heaven, I worry about whether she’s happy, if she still has health problems and things like that. … Continue reading

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