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“Stem cell angels” says yoga instructor after getting vision back

Cool story out of Saskatoon. Go Science! Diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye last year, Kevin Naidoo, watched his vision deteriorate and it was affecting his work at Yerrama Yoga Sanctuary in the city, which he owns. His father … Continue reading

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When parents pick prayer over health care

Children die, of course. This tragedy occurred in 2013 but is in Calgary court now. According to testimony, Emil and Rodica Radita returned from church to find their 15-year-old son not breathing. They waited 2 whole fucking hours before calling … Continue reading

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Billy Graham takes on illness and prayer

And probably not for the first time, but here’s the question as posed. DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: What good does it do to pray for someone who’s facing a serious health crisis? They’ll either get better or they won’t, depending on … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party – “are plastic surgeons playing god”

I’m at odds with the world of plastic surgery. I wrote a piece in 2011 focused on the dilemma a British woman found herself in after botched work . (She never got the £54 million she thought she deserved, though.) … Continue reading

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Birth control in a university vending machine? Why not?

$25 a pop for Plan B, the morning after pill, seems a bit steep for the heavily sexually active university student, but if condoms are also offered at least someone could potentially plan ahead. A university in Pennsylvania hit the … Continue reading

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Jesus loves thin people more so lose weight for Jesus

I don’t know if it pays to remind people, but I’m pretty sure part of the reason Jesus stayed so thin was all the damn walking around he did long before cars were invented, and all the junk food he … Continue reading

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Billy Graham has pneumonia

Not uncommon for a man his age (93) but so far his spirits are fine, even if his lungs are not. Doctors at the hospital in Asheville said Graham was able to stand and walk Friday during a physical therapy … Continue reading

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