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Harry Potter never turned anyone into a witch

At least, not any kind that could works spells as described in the books. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s called “fiction”. Not good enough for this woman, Grace Ann, who’s taking it upon herself to eliminate all wizardry from … Continue reading

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Proof Harry Potter books are good for children

The Harry Potter series wound up being such a divisive force in the world when it was published and still makes headlines today. It’s been lauded as fantastic literature and condemned for promotion of magical thinking — at least in … Continue reading

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This again: Harry Potter and yoga are “evil!!eleventy1”

Demons being real or not, you kind of have to love the tenacity of exorcists. They’re so dedicated. Ridiculous, but dedicated. How many others can say the same about their passion for their chosen hobbies or careers? Gabriele Amorth is … Continue reading

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So Harry Potter is an atheist?

Well, he never did go to church now, did he? Actually, the actor who plays him has outed himself in the media. Daniel Radcliffe is not ashamed to say he’s an atheist: in an interview to promote the latest instalment … Continue reading

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