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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 2

Last time around, I explained what I was doing, which is expanding a 30 day music meme into ten or so weeks of music amusement. I shared my choices for the first two challenges on the list, my favourite and … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of parenting

A Freethinker friend of mine (I label her that way since that’s where I first met her) included a link on Facebook to this fascinating article from New York Magazine: Why Parents Hate Parenting. It’s long but certainly well worth … Continue reading

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Joy to the world

I’m unofficially tagged for a brand new meme, courtesy Possummomma so here goes: What makes you happy? The rules are simple: list ten things you’re happy about or thankful for. Tag ten people who you’re happy to call friend at … Continue reading

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