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I didn’t give out bibles or candy

I live in an apartment building and the only knock on my door last night was due to my caretaker. As to candy, I’m hoping leftovers make it to work today. I didn’t bother buying any. I was hoping this … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Always a fan of Clapsaddle art… (found via)

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The “real” origins of Halloween

I nick this from a commenter called “Tis Himself” at Pharyngula: No! No! No! Let me explain the origin of Halloween: During colonial times, in Boston, Massachusetts, there was an itinerant hot dog salesman named Horatio. He was much beloved … Continue reading

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With no religion, would people still be this crazy?

Les over at Stupid Evil Bastard (and others) already did a rundown of this article by Kimberly Daniels (I edit Oct 31: they’ve added an editor’s note about its “controversial” nature now.) but I think there’s enough crazy to go … Continue reading

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If it could happen in real life…

.. no wonder a cop would pull a gun on someone wielding a chain saw in a haunted house, hired help or no. KCRA.com reports: Baltimore County police said Sgt. Eric Janik, 36, pulled his gun on a haunted house … Continue reading

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Jack of the lantern, an exploration

Since Halloween is approaching, it’s probably worthwhile to look at reasons we follow bizarre traditions when celebrating it. What’s the purpose of a Jack O’Lantern besides lighting the steps so little kids don’t fall? According to That’s Right Nate, it’s … Continue reading

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Quotable holiday related comic

If a comic can be quoted… (See more Chuck & Beans.) This always bugs me, too. When I worked at Walmart, the crowds were seldom loud enough to entirely drown out the shitty ass Walmart Radio. My only joy was … Continue reading

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