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Pope dedicates “special thought” to Haiti. So what?

It’s been a year since an earthquake toppled much what was standing on the island of Haiti and have yet to dig out from under it all. Maybe they never will. But while they aren’t making much a dent in … Continue reading

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“God was gracious…” to Baptist missionaries in Chile

They didn’t die, and they’re relieved over it. “It was a terrifying experience,” said Phil Brown, a Southern Baptist missionary who lives in Santiago. “We were awakened by our bed shaking so hard it almost threw us out. We live … Continue reading

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When helping Haitian children hurts – 10 child traffickers caught

Although they wouldn’t call themselves traffickers – they’d call themselves Good Christians. “God wanted us to come here to help children, we are convinced of that,” Laura Silsby, one of 10 Americans accused of trafficking Haitian children, said Monday through … Continue reading

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Haiti orphans are a blessing from God?

First, I have to say I’m glad groups are looking to place these poor kids with loving families in the United States and Canada. What bothers me is the insistence on thinking this so-called God did a good thing by … Continue reading

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More about Haiti, also: why I’m not a philosopher

A quotable Facebook comment (not one of mine) in regards to Haiti and Why does God Allow Natural Disasters? “Allow”? Funny, as there was a time when theists were certain that their god actually *caused* these so-called “Acts of God”. … Continue reading

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In the wake of the quake, who would you want to believe in, God, or Xenu?

Haiti is a very religious nation, filled with poor, impoverished, shell-shocked nitwits who want to run around claiming God’s punished the elite by destroying pretty much everything. Some are looking at it as a sign for the whole country to … Continue reading

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Haitian tour cruise rescues … nobody, really.

But the ship was on its way to Haiti and going to dock at Haiti, and, what the hell? Why not, even if a major earthquake decimated the place? Passengers should still be able to lark about on a Haiti … Continue reading

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Walls being built for Haiti – prayer walls, that is.

If you want to feel like you’re doing something productive without having to spend any money, join a United Methodists group on Facebook and pray. The United Methodist Church’s Haiti response effort offers a “Prayer Wall” on the 10thousanddoors.org Facebook … Continue reading

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About that Haitian “blessing in disguise”

I know squat about Haiti. I know even less about Pat Robertson and his 700 Club. But when have I ever let that stop me? CBS news has an article about Robertson’s comments on his show (see the video) regarding … Continue reading

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