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Reading Billy Graham’s mail

Billy deals with this question this time around: You preachers are always saying we need to change our behavior and become better people, but I don’t agree. I think we need to learn to accept ourselves just as we are … Continue reading

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A meme about books (and habits)

This one I found via The World in the Satin Bag, which is a blog I should probably read more of. It looks like a good one. Now, on with the question answering: Do you snack while you read? If … Continue reading

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The Honesty Project: am I really a bad person?

Godlessgirl is suggesting bloggers do a series of blogposts (or tweets etc) being completely and totally honest. We’re supposed to do this for a whole week. What fun for readers, eh? Yesterday on Twitter I complained about the gossip at … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party vol. 29

Ooh, it has been a long time since I did one of these, but I saw this search result listed this morning and felt the urge: why are fat people always get take away When I used to do Weight … Continue reading

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So they take away the kids of fat people now?

Interesting how these social workers worry more about the future health of a kid rather than how well a mother can mother. To them, I guess it’s all the same thing. Social workers have moved to take into care a … Continue reading

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Have you met my big brother, Credit Card Company?

Steve Salerno wrote a piece on his SHAM blog, Attention Walmart Shoppers, which caught my attention. I’m not a Wal-mart shopper, but the article he mentioned might be interesting to anyone who is a bargain hunter on a budget and … Continue reading

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Rain’s coming

Thunderstorms are expected sometime today, according to weather websites, but I’ve known it was going to rain since yesterday, without the help of the interwebs. How? Because of the ants. What, you say? What do ants have to do with … Continue reading

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Fighting families add to child stress levels

From the “Stating the Obvious” folder comes proof that children whose parents fight a lot have higher levels of stress than other kids. 208 six-year-olds were part of a study: to determine whether children who showed specific behavior patterns of … Continue reading

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And I thought I lived in a pig sty

From the Daily Mail comes the story of 73 year old Merv Jones with a little housecleaning problem – the fact that he hasn’t done any for decades: Every room in the terraced house was filled from floor to ceiling … Continue reading

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You know, Coke used to have cocaine in it…

But that doesn’t explain how a guy could drink ten litres of the stuff every day. He lost 8 stone after he stopped drinking it when he joined Weight Watchers. After reading that, I had to wiki the amount of … Continue reading

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