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Why focus on sins of homosexuality?

T.J. Facto asks a pertinent question: I am not a Biblical scholar, nor a professor of constitutional law. It’s rare when I can resolve my own struggle between a society’s right to determine acceptable behavior and citizens’ civil liberties. Looking … Continue reading

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I don’t feel sorry for the Schullers. Sorry

I’m sorry I don’t feel more sorry for them. But Crystal Cathedral made a shit load of money over the years and then they squandered it all (and more) on pomp and majesty and excess. Did they think they’d ride … Continue reading

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I wonder if any atheists are taking in the Free Holyland Experience

I’d certainly go if I were in Orlando. Then I could mock it. The park is required to offer free admission to the public one day each year, under a state law that guarantees Holy Land a property-tax exemption as … Continue reading

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Nobody likes a do-gooder — good thing I’m not one

I thought this article out of the Daily Mail was entertaining. It turns out that people tend to get turned off by selfless people. Research “proves” it: Professor Parks, of Washington State University, carried out a series of four tests … Continue reading

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Prosperity preaching places pennies higher than heaven

Via the Washington Post I find a fine example of “true Christianity” just in time for this, their most important holiday: Cashmas. No, sorry. I mean Christmas. the past decade has seen this pernicious doctrine proliferate in more mainstream circles. … Continue reading

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Quotable exchristian

It’s by no means a recent post at exchristian.net but still, when it comes to a discussion about religious institutions and money, the topic is eternally interesting. Tyrone Williams starts by quoting a Ray Stevens song I’d never heard before, … Continue reading

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