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Scruples Success!

Here I am as of today, delighted to have come across not one, but two – TWO! – versions of A Question of Scruples. The second edition is one I’ve had before, but the ’90s is one I didn’t know … Continue reading

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BC Pastafarian seeks to wear colander for driver’s licence photo

Obi Canuel is an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and he made the request this year but so far has been denied. The Insurance Corporation of B.C told him “there is no religious requirement that … Continue reading

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If it’s not a curse, then Ebola is God’s way of ridding the earth of atheists…

and abortionists and homosexuals and promiscuity in general. At least, if Rick Wiles can be believed. (News flash: he can’t.) He’s a talk show host for something called Trunews and has become convinced that Ebola will cleanse the earth and … Continue reading

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Montana Jesus statue “days away” from answers

Answers to what? Questions about the rightness of having religious iconography on federal land. The painted concrete statue has been a feature at Whitefish Mountain Resort for decades but recently the Freedom from Religion Foundation pointed out the Christian nature … Continue reading

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Creationist propaganda matters more than education in Kentucky

Based on were they want their money spent, at any rate. From Forbes: In one of the most spectacularly mis-prioritized state budgets in recent memory, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D), is suggesting over $50 million in cuts to education – … Continue reading

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Old news: atheists “embarrassed by prayer” and other nonsense

While browsing through an editorial found at the Telegraph, I felt compelled to save the link so I could comment on some of the points made by the author, Christine Odone. She starts out by remarking on an attempt by … Continue reading

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Knowledge vs spectacle

Alternet ran a good piece recently about the media circus and the price viewers will pay by believing everything they see (breaks added). Mass entertainment plays to the basest and crudest instincts of the crowd. It conditions us to have … Continue reading

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“Think for yourself, Shmuck!”

While looking for the next quote to honour Freedom to Read Week, I found Robert Anton Wilson and an interview he gave back in 2000 (break added): Freedom of communication represents the greatest threat our Power Elite has ever confronted. … Continue reading

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