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Question of Atheist Scruples – this sounds like a sit-com

Soon after hitting it off with someone special s/he has to leave town for a few months. Meanwhile, a new opportunity arises. Do you remain faithful? (I don’t watch the show anymore but I’m reminded of that scene in Big … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – the gift

I’m a fan of old pop songs but by all the Flying Spaghetti Monster calls noodly goodness, this song is.. well.. icky. A girl dumps him and all he can think is to insult her for it. Maybe that’s part … Continue reading

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“What do you want for Giftsmas this year?”

Mom asked me that on the phone this weekend. Sheesh, it’s still the beginning of November. I don’t want to be thinking about that yet. But, she’s already got her short little list written up; I am to find season … Continue reading

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Colour me confounded

Yesterday I discovered a mysterious package on my desk at work. It contained two bookends of a feline fashion. My name was on the bag with instructions to “Enjoy!” I spent the day pondering who would have put them there, … Continue reading

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Morality dilemma

Actually, the answer’s pretty obvious as to what I should do in this instance, but I’m still going to set the stage for “advice” about it. A co-worker of mine likes me, thinks of me as a “little sister” as … Continue reading

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It feels too early for holiday festive cheer

I’m glad I don’t work retail anymore. I never did like crowds and the Christmas mob always was the worst. The earlier I can get my shopping done, the better. I’m glad I don’t have many people to buy for. … Continue reading

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