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1minion invites God in – God our Rock

Where were we? Finally getting around to another post in my series tagged “inviting god in”, and pg 29 of Joyce Rupp’s book. Trust in the Lord forever for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4 … Continue reading

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Linkskrieg! (First pass)

It’s occurred to me that I’ve collected far more links than I have time to write about, so here’s a batch of things I did want to bring up at some point but never did. I may flesh out some … Continue reading

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Note: this does not count as a win for young earth creationists

…but it all depends on when you decide to call Earth Earth. Was this ball of rock a planet when still a geological embryo? Apparently not, and apparently that process took three times longer than was originally thought. Earth as … Continue reading

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What are my thoughts about global warming?

In an earlier post, a commenter named Maranda asked me to broach a topic I’ve never really touched on in here – the whole global warming issue and where I happen to sit in terms of the debate. You can … Continue reading

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More about Haiti, also: why I’m not a philosopher

A quotable Facebook comment (not one of mine) in regards to Haiti and Why does God Allow Natural Disasters? “Allow”? Funny, as there was a time when theists were certain that their god actually *caused* these so-called “Acts of God”. … Continue reading

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