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Today’s Found on Facebook – the princess effect

Lots of articles about it now but I’ll use the Time one I saw first: A new study from Brigham Young University found that engaging with Disney princess culture could make young children more susceptible to gender stereotypes. The small … Continue reading

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Weighing in on a sexism issue

There’s been a discussion/airing of grievances going on regarding a recent panel discussion at an atheist conference and the treatment of women there and elsewhere. Things got testy after some suggestions were made about women and men, and how each … Continue reading

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I think people get too worked up over “gender bias”

Maybe I’m a weird woman but I don’t feel compelled to insist people change the spelling to womyn instead and rid the word of any “masculine” kinship it currently has. I’m not bothered by the generic “He” that gets used … Continue reading

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The new vampires – too good is too bad?

Vampires sure are the thing these days, aren’t they? Esquire has an interesting take on their popularity in terms of mainstreaming gay love, specifically in the show True Blood. Neil Gaiman’s article also makes some good points in relation to … Continue reading

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Oregon town elects first ever transgender mayor

How’s that for good news? Stu Rasmussen was recently on Good Morning America talking about this, according to the article from ABC: Rasmussen told “Good Morning America” that the town went through the transition with him. “Obviously, it was shocking … Continue reading

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“God made a mistake”

I’d think a story like this would put the kibosh on the whole “choosing to be gay” argument. This boy, Brandon, has been drawn to “girl” toys and activities since he was a toddler. Both Tina and Brandon’s father had … Continue reading

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