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Woman denied job because she’s Christian?

Not likely. At least, not completely. This gets pretty stupid. Just warning you. It’s also insanely long. The CBC has details of the story: Bethany Paquette claims her application to work in Canada’s North for Amaruk Wilderness Corp. was rejected … Continue reading

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Your dead child is gay? We won’t do his funeral.

A Baptist church in Tampa, Florida cancelled funeral arrangements for 42 year old Julion Evans after the obituary listed a surviving husband. His mother, Julie Atwood, was floored by the news; the funeral was to be the next day. Atwood … Continue reading

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Pride week is not far away

But I found this now and don’t want to forget to post it. I found out about it via recordnet.com and their article about North Carolina’s gay marriage issue. One hopes that plea is heeded. Vines’ speech is long – … Continue reading

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What did I miss?

Six days without topical posts seems too long to leave a little blog sit. But since I made a point of noting the need to wear purple on October 20th before I left on holiday, I wasn’t without hits. But, … Continue reading

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Wear purple on October 20th and show you care

Care about what? The fact that gay kids feel so bullied and traumatized that they think suicide is their only option. Humanist Life put an article up about the recent deaths of several tormented boys. Project Queer (among others) are … Continue reading

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God-fearing landlord can’t deny gays accomodation

Good news out of the North West Territories. The Human Rights Commission there agreed with Scott Robertson and Richard Anthony, and are making landlord Will Goertzen pay each of them $6,500 for damages. In May 2009, the couple signed a … Continue reading

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Quotable Catholic

Or at least someone sympathetic. Colleen Carroll Campbell writes about the story of the lesbian women whose kid got booted from a Catholic preschool on account of their lifestyle, and the “what would Jesus do?” mentality in regards to this … Continue reading

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