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Who can #gogetthosegeckos ?

Cripes.. I only get to see the bits that make it to Youtube. What’s the rest of his show like? Poor geckos. Poor adorable geckos. Poor sex-hungry lost in space geckos… I won’t contact Russia about this but I’m curious … Continue reading

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Book of the week: Dear Luke, we need to talk. Dad (Darth)

My Sweetie is busting a gut behind me reading this treasure trove of silliness from author John Moe. Read bits of it here to whet your appetite for purchase or borrowing from your local library. A sampling: Indeed. I look … Continue reading

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Pareidolia penis

Amused motorists driving on the M42 couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked up to find a cloud that looked exactly like a penis looming over them. Birmingham resident Mill Owen managed to snap the saucy meat-and-two-veg cloud while a … Continue reading

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