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Why do birds fly south for the winter?

Because it’s too far to walk. A bad joke’s all you’re getting for the moment. Feel free to add better or worse ones in the comments, though.

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Does the name Lord Sugar turn you on?

I can’t say it does much for me, but then I had to look up who he was. I’m not up on that kind of thing. And on the topic of up, it turns out his autobiography was recently used … Continue reading

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It’s so hard to be that full of elf-loathing

Taking the pun from a friend on Facebook regarding the hilarious story of a church minister who hung one from the roof to make a point. Knudsen’s hatred for the creature he says “comes from the devil” manifested itself in … Continue reading

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Not quite the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereals I remember…

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We’re all going to hell

But it’s a wonderful place.. all the good singers will be down there…

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