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Atheist Scruples: what have you been hiding from your friends?

The house is a mess. You’re exhausted. Some friends drop by unannounced, and ring the doorbell. Do you pretend you are not home? If these friends are willing to turn up unannounced they must be pretty good friends who already … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: “You’ve got a friend in me”.. or do you?

Today’s question: Visiting your native city, you won’t have time to see a good friend who will be disappointed. If you don’t phone, your friend won’t know you were in town. Do you phone? This question is hard for me … Continue reading

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Heading for university? Looking for new friends?

I’ve run across an article regarding faith and college dorms. Since thousands of kids are heading to university in a couple weeks for their very first taste of dorm life, it’s a worthwhile topic. The most effective and powerful witness … Continue reading

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Never write when you’re angry

That’s sound advice, yes? I’d gotten it back in the days when I was writing to pen pals arranged through school. I think it was in a pamphlet we’d been given when our new friends were handed out. Once in … Continue reading

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Morality dilemma

Actually, the answer’s pretty obvious as to what I should do in this instance, but I’m still going to set the stage for “advice” about it. A co-worker of mine likes me, thinks of me as a “little sister” as … Continue reading

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