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A Minion’s Tale – a reread of Handmaid’s Tale

Met up with the banned book club to discuss this book Thursday night. Largely positive thoughts about the storytelling approach presented, but let me see what all I remember — a theme within the book by Margaret Atwood that we … Continue reading

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I’m supposed to read Huck Finn for my Banned Book Club

It’s slow going. I’m trying to figure out if I like it. I’m roughly half-way though. At this point Huck and Jim (the slave who’d wanted to run away to a free state instead of being sold again) are making … Continue reading

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Christian Science Monitor doesn’t buy Christian nation

At least, one of its writers doesn’t. Stuart Whatley is wary of the dangers of thinking of America as founded on specific Christian morals with a specific God watching over everyone’s rights to free will. Aristotle defined it quite simply … Continue reading

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