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Family gives church bad review. Church decides: let’s sue!

Last September I ran across a story about a website designed to rate one’s pastor. I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time and I still think it is. A church and those who operate it should … Continue reading

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Update on the long running God banners in math class story

Last time I wrote about this was in March of 2010 but it all started in 2007 when the principal of San Diego school ordered the math teacher to remove the huge and God-themed patriotic signage he’d hung all over … Continue reading

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Appeals case up re: proselytizing in school

The story is out of Plano, Texas, where Jonathan Morgan who, when 8, was not allowed to give religious-themed treats to his classmates at their Winter party. They were pens shaped like candy canes with some sort of scripture stamped … Continue reading

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Westboro Church still allowed to picket and hate

Which is as it should be, I guess. It’s tacky and it’s appalling, but they have a right to voice their opinions (or wave their signs) just like the rest of us have the right to call them every horrible … Continue reading

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