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Sounds of Sunday: Mississippi Hoo Doo Man

I wound up looking up what exactly Hoo Doo is. That turned out to be a huge question answered very effectively by catherine yronwode and her piece entitled HOODOO, CONJURE, and ROOTWORK: AFRICAN AMERICAN FOLK MAGIC. She hits all the … Continue reading

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Last night the Saskatoon Skeptics told ghost stories

It was a small turnout compared to some nights but the six of us had a merry spooky time telling tales anyway. Sucks to be one that missed the fun… David brought along a printout of a story Pliny the … Continue reading

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Why not picket the New Jersey Devils then?

According to folklore acquired via Wikipedia: Most accounts of the Jersey Devil legend attribute the creature to a “Mother Leeds”, a supposed witch, although the tale has many variations. According to one version, she invoked the devil by saying “let … Continue reading

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What is it like to see demons everywhere?

A book was recently published about a professional exorcist. Fr. Gabriele Amorth works in Rome and claims awareness of satanic sects working in the Vatican. The book, “Father Amorth. Memoirs of an Exorcist. My life fighting against Satan.” was written … Continue reading

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Jack of the lantern, an exploration

Since Halloween is approaching, it’s probably worthwhile to look at reasons we follow bizarre traditions when celebrating it. What’s the purpose of a Jack O’Lantern besides lighting the steps so little kids don’t fall? According to That’s Right Nate, it’s … Continue reading

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Archives of history and ministry

The Library of Congress, like all good library set-ups, wants to preserve as much history as it can and they have a place called the American Folklife Center where they store it all, from film to photos to letters, to … Continue reading

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What do Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Santa have in common?

This is week three of my look at Christmas carols and what would Christmas be without Santa? So, how did Santa come to be? How many different versions of Santa belief are there? It all started with Saint Nick. Jolly … Continue reading

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