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Pole dancing for Jesus just seems seedy

Back in 2007, mojoey was “What the hell”ing over an article he’d found about Christian women at a spa who’d started a pole dancing exercise group and today I come across another such story. “God gives us these bodies, and … Continue reading

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Good girls don’t get fat…

That’s the title of a book I’m going to start reading this week and once I’ve read it I have definite plans of sharing what’s in there, unlike what’s happened with other books I claimed I’d read and report on. … Continue reading

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Flyer Friday – the “for lack of better ideas” edition

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but since I’m procrastinating a serious clean of my living room, why not? When I opened my Zellers credit bill (I owe nothing! Hooray!) a pile of refuse dropped out of the … Continue reading

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So they take away the kids of fat people now?

Interesting how these social workers worry more about the future health of a kid rather than how well a mother can mother. To them, I guess it’s all the same thing. Social workers have moved to take into care a … Continue reading

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The “religious landscape” might be changing…

but it’s still really rocky and in some locations, likely insurmountable. But, are people who’ve turned to Yoga and away from their Christian faiths riding bulldozers? Garrett Sarley might think he does. Sarley grew up Episcopalian, then was drawn to … Continue reading

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A weighty issue

First off, this is one of the dumbest headlines ever: FATTY’S RAMPY PUMPY The story itself is actually kind of sweet. Manuel Uribe recently got married but due to his 47st size (658lbs) he was unable to consummate their vows … Continue reading

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You know, Coke used to have cocaine in it…

But that doesn’t explain how a guy could drink ten litres of the stuff every day. He lost 8 stone after he stopped drinking it when he joined Weight Watchers. After reading that, I had to wiki the amount of … Continue reading

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