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Today’s Facebook Find – Maisie Williams is media savvy

I saw this yesterday, actually, but I’d already listed a Facebook find so saved it until today. Via Huff-Po (sorry), although seen on other sites. Maisie had no patience with the Daily Mail and their obsession over her lack of … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples 2014: women and boobs

A couple different issues trigger this one. First, should women be allowed to go topless like men can? I think the answer should be yes but that doesn’t mean I’ll want to be one of them. I’m pro-choice in many … Continue reading

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“Does God hate women?” If he was created by misogynist men, sure

Quoting a Washington Post reporter by the name of Sally Quinn: why, I asked myself, if women were so smart and capable and in so many cases, smarter and more capable than men, were they being discriminated against? It made … Continue reading

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The domestication and alienation of women

Philosophy in the Community has a lecture at the Refinery in Saskatoon tomorrow night on the topic of: “Domestic Bliss?: The Problem of Housework and Alienation” Is domestic labour inherently tedious, boring, and unfulfilling or is it just that way … Continue reading

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Feminism in a not-so-enlightened age

I finally got that book finished that I’ve had here for weeks. It’s called Enlightened Sexism: the seductive message that feminism’s work is done by Susan J. Douglas. First I want to quote Alternet: It’s no secret that, according to … Continue reading

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Buffy fashion in fashion?

Clothes were the least favourite part of the show for me, but I couldn’t get over how well Buffy could kick ass in those pointy toed heels she’d wear. Some of the outfit choices were a little odd, but I … Continue reading

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