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If kids can’t cope with Humpty Dumpty…

..then I feel really worried about the future. I haven’t seen the show they discuss here, but the BBC claims the decision to change Humpty Dumpty’s ending for a popular children’s programme was all about creative expression, not Bowlderizing. A … Continue reading

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Do prayers get noticed? It depends on who prays.

I don’t like using World Nut Net Daily as a source. All it’s good for is scoffs and mockery, in my mind. Still, allow me to try and take this latest headline at face value. According to WND today, 60,000 … Continue reading

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A dream not yet reality

Martin Luther King Jr. might have had a dream, but for some Barack Obama’s success on November 4thth may as well be a nightmare they can’t wake up from. Change in whatever form does not come easy, and a black … Continue reading

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Satan is my baby’s father!

It sounds like a headline Weekly World News would have, but it’s the topic of an article from the Boston Herald. The mother involved will be tested for psychosis. It’s good to see that people aren’t assuming the now-12 year … Continue reading

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Eek! Witches! Evil witches!

At the end of August I wrote about churches blaming the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for why girls were leaving the church in droves. Now, from CBN.com, a new favourite source for the wacky: When you are growing … Continue reading

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Repeat after me: “There’s no such thing as zombies”

Lex18.com has coverage you can count on – like a story about a boy who wrote of zombies attacking his school and him getting arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Winchester police say William Poole, 18, was taken into custody Tuesday … Continue reading

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What’s the next gang symbol going to be?

Apparently there’s a gang in Texas using rosaries. Tabitha Ruiz was stopped by security guards at Seagoville High School in Dallas last week and told to take off the silver and ruby beaded rosary, a gift from her mother. On … Continue reading

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