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Question of Atheist Scruples – money money money

The question: You and your spouse have trouble making ends meet. You have a nine-year-old daughter who is a natural model. Do you try to make money by promoting her as a model? Probably not at the age of nine … Continue reading

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Holy Allah on a dress, Batman! Book ’em, Danno!

That’s how seriously I take this case. I can make bad jokes about it. Sadly, it’s no joke. Salman Khan of Bollywood fame runs a non-profit organization in India called Being Human. The website isn’t well designed but it advertises … Continue reading

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Buffy fashion in fashion?

Clothes were the least favourite part of the show for me, but I couldn’t get over how well Buffy could kick ass in those pointy toed heels she’d wear. Some of the outfit choices were a little odd, but I … Continue reading

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Irony bought and sold

So, I got a haircut on Friday. This is only to set the stage – a $30 to cut hair stage. Not my usual expense for hair, I’ll tell you. I was only there because I didn’t get a cheaper … Continue reading

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Maybe a picture does capture a soul…

If this small study can be believed, photos tell far more about the people in them than just what they look like. 113 people, plus a few close friends of each, filled out forms outlining personality traits. Then the 113 … Continue reading

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Canadian dares to display curves on catwalk

I don’t follow fashion, but I’m pleased to see an article from the Daily Mail about Mark Fast and his passion for showcasing how beautiful larger women can be. His choice to feature models from 12+ UK caused some controversy … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 21

I’m selecting this odd numbered entry to highlight a few of the one-offs, the strange searches that inexplicably led to me; a nod to those daring people who hunt for the most elusive answers of all. I can’t guarantee they’ll … Continue reading

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