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Harry Potter never turned anyone into a witch

At least, not any kind that could works spells as described in the books. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s called “fiction”. Not good enough for this woman, Grace Ann, who’s taking it upon herself to eliminate all wizardry from … Continue reading

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I’m stealing Billy Graham’s mail again

Only because I love this letter: DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I have a friend who believes that aliens built the pyramids and things like that and also brought religion into the world. Is there any evidence for this in the Bible? … Continue reading

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Watched “Lost in Austen” last night

What a sweet little mini series. As one who can barely wade through a Jane Austen novel, I’d much rather watch it on television and this version was completely delightful. Amanda Price adores Pride and Prejudice to the point where … Continue reading

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Where hope for the future went

It went to Russia. Pravda is offering an entertaining insight into just what Russians consider must-haves for the forthcoming century – a list which naturally includes flying cars, cheap space travel and the elixir of eternal youth. A poll by … Continue reading

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The future of faith on film

Jeff Fulcher has an interesting article at American Spectator about Fireproof and Hollywood’s untapped well of “traditionally-themed flicks” that would revitalize sinking ticket sales. Fireproof is the third, and most profitable, film produced by the Sherwood Baptist Church ministry in … Continue reading

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