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A Question of Atheist Scruples – kids and their friends

Apologies for blur; too lazy to find the card again and reshoot. Your 10-year-old son’s best friend is neglected by his single parent. Your house has become his second home. Do you ask his parent to assume more responsibility? It … Continue reading

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Storytime- page 1

In an effort to be more creative, I’m pulling out my Rory’s Storycubes. No guarantees on story quality, but I’m going to roll a few cubes and see what happens in my brain for idea sparks as I roll each … Continue reading

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1minion invites god in – making room for god’s love

It’s less work to blog off a book than spend hours browsing news sites for something relevant, so you’re still stuck with pages from this devotional for a while. This is page 36. (Cast off on Jan 4th, though, so … Continue reading

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1minion invites God in – the wisdom of Elizabeth?

The question mark isn’t in Joyce Rupp’s book (p.33); I’m wondering who she is. (Find the previous entries under the tag: inviting god in.) Elizabeth in the Bible was the wife of a priest named Zechariah; she was also a … Continue reading

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back in time to 2007 – purity balls

had a livejournal long before wordpress and have a folder on this computer with some of the writing i did on it: I wouldn’t find out about this stuff if it weren’t for FARK. This from yesterday for example. I … Continue reading

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1minion steals mail – Aunt Dara #1

You can look her up if you feel like it, but I won’t include a link to her original advice column because I’m sure she doesn’t need the hits as much as I do. I’m an atheist, and my intent … Continue reading

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Not stopped, just busy

I don’t know what I have for readers anyway, but I’d gone to an auction this weekend for my uncle’s farm/house things. I spent a big chunk of my childhood in that yard, a 10 minute walk from my own … Continue reading

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