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Atheist Scruples: how to get ahead in business

The question may be a bit out of date: You are an illustrator struggling for recognition. You can’t get past a secretary to see an editor. Do you lie and say a prominent critic sent you? These days it’s less … Continue reading

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I expect there will be too much God at the Grammys

I wasn’t going to be watching anyway. In all honesty, I didn’t know they’d be on tonight until I came across a Wall Street Journal article about celebrity confidence and the god connection. Neil Strauss has been noticing the trend … Continue reading

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I have to ask, will Linsday Lohan be Dad’s first patient?

Given all that makes Hollywood what(ever) it is, it should come as no surprise that Lindsay Lohan’s father wants to capitalize on his daughter’s bad behaviour by claiming she’s given him the ambition to open his own rehab clinic. Her … Continue reading

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Pop culture vultures

If the entertainment world was a billiards table and every pop culture reference were a stripe or solid sitting on it, I’d be the cue ball that careens around the table yet drops into the dark corner pocket of cluelessness … Continue reading

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When it comes to memes, I don’t wait to be tagged

I’ll admit where I found it first though – in a post by faithlessgod at impartialism.blogspot.com so here goes: Tell readers something unusual they’d never guess about you. Hmm. Considering how most readers know nothing about me save what I … Continue reading

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Does a reputation still matter?

I pity the fool who disagrees, but weren’t we a little better off when people (and by people I mean celebrities) worried about their reputations before they did anything that might affect them? see more Lol Celebs That Kanye West/Taylor … Continue reading

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Madonna is “a stain on humanity and offensive to God”

But please, Cardinal. Tell us what you really think. Madonna performed in Santiago on the Latin American leg of her Sticky and Sweet Tour to promote her album “Hard Candy.” “The atmosphere in our city is pretty agitated because this … Continue reading

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