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Froggy went a courtin’ in India

I started reading a book this morning called The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking by Matthew Hutson and so far it looks like it’ll be interesting. The point of the book is to outline how everyone, no matter if religious … Continue reading

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Jesus watches you pee outside and judges you

I’ve been waiting for another case of pareidolia and, by no surprise, the Daily Mail delivers Jesus appearing in the grit and crumble on the side of a take-away Chinese restaurant. Mr Ridley, 39, immediately took a photograph of the … Continue reading

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“New” Mayan art contradicts 2012 deadline

Good news for those who might have been worried: archeologists in Guatemala have announced the discovery of a mural there that suggests the earth’s inhabitants still have another 7000 years to prosper. Working with epigrapher David Stuart and archaeologist and … Continue reading

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Pride week is not far away

But I found this now and don’t want to forget to post it. I found out about it via recordnet.com and their article about North Carolina’s gay marriage issue. One hopes that plea is heeded. Vines’ speech is long – … Continue reading

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Old news: it’s official. Real Ark found… again

It’s in Turkey. Seriously. I mean it. Totally there. If you can believe the researchers, that is. Chinese researchers planted evidence on Mount Ararat when they went hunting for a documentary (wrote about that here) but the Pravda piece takes … Continue reading

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Quotable Dawkins

When someone suggested to British evolutionary biologist and strident atheist Richard Dawkins that he pose questions about the big bang to a chaplain, Dawkins responded, “Why not the gardener or the chef?” Why not indeed? Unless the chaplain has done … Continue reading

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This again: Harry Potter and yoga are “evil!!eleventy1”

Demons being real or not, you kind of have to love the tenacity of exorcists. They’re so dedicated. Ridiculous, but dedicated. How many others can say the same about their passion for their chosen hobbies or careers? Gabriele Amorth is … Continue reading

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Without Jesus, who would people think they see in trees and breakfast foods?

I never seem to have to wait long for another example of pareidolia making headlines. This time around, the Daily Mail (among others) has reprints of an American tourist’s photo of the cliffs of Moher and if you stare at … Continue reading

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I feel kind of bad for Reverend Peter Anamo

Maybe he’s getting more press locally in Ghana, but there’s not a lot to be found online about him and his predictions for the end of the world this month. Harold Camping and his followers certainly knew how to stir … Continue reading

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Why not picket the New Jersey Devils then?

According to folklore acquired via Wikipedia: Most accounts of the Jersey Devil legend attribute the creature to a “Mother Leeds”, a supposed witch, although the tale has many variations. According to one version, she invoked the devil by saying “let … Continue reading

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