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Also, god deliberately messed up creation just to mess with our minds

God totally designed flawed systems and body parts to make people think no god would be so stupid as to design things in such a fucked up way. God’s gonna get the last laugh… That does appear to be the … Continue reading

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I’m not a scientist, but…

I still think I can still offer some commentary on Olivia Judson’s take on an Evolve-By Date. I’ve written before about what an important book it was and why it mattered so much, so I won’t do that again now. … Continue reading

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Quotable IDiot

So, a creationist film crew went to Galapagos this year to film a movie that can completely debunk Charles Darwin by showing just how wrong Darwin was when he made some very astute observations about that small archipelago cut off … Continue reading

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Hoaxes, jokes, and journalism.

There’s been a spate of stories demonstrating some rather craptacular journalism lately. So keen are they to be first on the story, they’ll bypass all the footwork/phonework that used to be required to verify a report prior to publishing. It’s … Continue reading

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“Finding this skeleton was more than luck”

National Geographic has a terrific article out about a recently announced discovery. The bones of a human ancestor from way back. Way way way back… The first, fragmentary specimens of Ardipithecus were found at Aramis in 1992 and published in … Continue reading

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Americans out of luck for Darwin biography?

Does that mean they’d flock to a picture about Joseph Smith or the Quakers instead? Probably. It sounds like Creation is a balanced historical feature based around an icon of scientific thought. Have people really thought about why they demonize … Continue reading

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Novels drive social evolution

I’ll have to read the actual New Scientist article because this portion makes it sound intriguing. Gottschall and co-author Joseph Carroll at the University of Missouri, St Louis, study how Darwin’s theories of evolution apply to literature. Along with John … Continue reading

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Defending evolution

This is from a letter to the editor: Allow me to point out that just because an idea is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean it is valid. Otherwise one could argue that we should eat cow pies since billions of flies … Continue reading

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Sometimes it really is a crazy random happen-stance

The title refers to a line from Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. But, Dr. Horrible brought extra frozen yogurt because he knew the girl of his dreams liked it, it wasn’t an actual random event. Scientific America has a … Continue reading

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