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Atheist Scruples: The whole truth and nothing but the truth…

“…so help me..” Okay, how does this help me!? You are taking an honesty test as part of a job application, and are asked if you ever cheated in school. You did once. Do you tell the truth? Shiiiiit…. Just … Continue reading

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Young adult author: robots help youth think about ethics

I’d say Jack Heath is correct to say so. I’ve never heard of him but his new book Replica sounds like something I’d enjoy reading. He doesn’t just promote his book in the piece, though: The meaningful distinctions between human … Continue reading

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I’m selfish and I’m a liar, but good news!

I’m being prayed for tonight. The Man dropped the Little Man off at his mom’s on the way to work today so I took the opportunity of a Sunday to myself to go to a movie (How to Train Your … Continue reading

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A Quesion of Atheist Scruples – round 8

(I missed last Tuesday on account of faulty time management. How do people busier than me keep up on their excellent blogs and still get everything accomplished?) Same setup as other weeks. I’ll answer three Scruples questions and leave a … Continue reading

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A Question of Atheist Scruples – round 7

I really enjoy these thought exercises. Here’s today’s selection. Your mate has been unfaithful. Do you leave him/her? Monogamy is a rarity in the animal world. Even in the more specific realm of primates (which we are) there are only … Continue reading

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Christian “The Devil will get you!” doctor given warning

The image offered by the Telegraph makes Dr Richard Scott look a bit demonic himself, but anyway. The story is this: The GP, who has worked as a missionary doctor in India and Tanzania, claimed that, after the usual medical … Continue reading

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A Question of Atheist Scruples – round 6

Time for another round of Q and A: You are a high school principal. Will you hire a gay teacher? I will hire the most qualified applicant. If that applicant turns out to be gay, I wouldn’t see that as … Continue reading

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