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“Graffiti is bad. Go play sports.”

The Man and I got Community season 5 from the library this past week and we’re so happy that it’s as good as the other seasons. We’re big fans. The blog post title comes from their take on G.I. Joe … Continue reading

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So, who’s going to watch Atheist TV on July 29th, 2014?

What is it they’re offering? the channel will broadcast 24 hours, mostly with licenses and pre-recorded content, such as documentaries by the Richard Dawkins Foundation as well as a talk show titled “Atheist Viewpoint” and a call-in show, “Atheist Experience”. … Continue reading

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Reality TV picks the next Jesus

Back in university I’d heard the music but it wasn’t until the Man confessed his great love for Jesus Christ Superstar that I finally sat down to watch the production. I think if it ran in the city at some … Continue reading

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Old news: Lady Gaga is evil; South Koreans beg God to intervene

Lady Gaga had a concert set up for Seoul back in April but the Korean Association of Church Communities hoped God could do something about that. It’s vital he save the children of South Korea from “being infected with homosexuality … Continue reading

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Old news: kids suspended for Tebowing during school hours

Tebowing, if a definition is needed, is the practice of behaving the way Tim Tebow does when he prays during his Denver Bronco football games, obvious and down on one knee as if being watched by an audience is the … Continue reading

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Less than 3 months away..must be time for War on Christmas!

The most recent casualty, at least going by the Daily Mail, is a release of Thomas the Tank Engine on DVD: The team behind the much-loved children’s TV series has angered campaigners by setting a story during the ‘winter holidays’. … Continue reading

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I may have to see Green Lantern after all

I don’t know why I go to comic-themed movies when I never read the comics in the first place but action is action and they tend to be fun. Now, I’m intrigued on a completely different level, though; I found … Continue reading

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