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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 3

For kicks I’m working through a 30 song challenge meme thing I first saw on Facebook. Rather than do a song a day, though, I’ve decided to break the list into segments and tackle them on a weekly basis until … Continue reading

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What child is this that’s laid to rest in greensleeves?

The Christmas season is on the doorstep singing the classics so I thought it might be interesting to do a series on the origin of some of the more popular carols. Let’s start with the reworking of the folk song, … Continue reading

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It’s not art if it doesn’t offend somebody somewhere.

Consider the crucified frog. Artistically without merit, frankly, but all it took was a few noses out of joint and the whole internet knew about protests over how sacrilegious people thought it was. Now comes more news of the museum … Continue reading

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And I thought I lived in a pig sty

From the Daily Mail comes the story of 73 year old Merv Jones with a little housecleaning problem – the fact that he hasn’t done any for decades: Every room in the terraced house was filled from floor to ceiling … Continue reading

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