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Indonesia announces 11th plague from God: caterpillars

I think caterpillars are completely adorable but I know in big enough numbers they can decimate plant life pretty efficiently. Via The Extinction Protocol, I find an article from the Jakarta Globe a couple weeks ago. East Java’s deputy governor … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, vol 33

what fallen angel is gaia? Gaia is a word pagans (and other New Age devotees) pull out when they want to talk Earth Mother stuff. It has nothing at all to do with devils, angels, gods or anything else of … Continue reading

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What are my thoughts about global warming?

In an earlier post, a commenter named Maranda asked me to broach a topic I’ve never really touched on in here – the whole global warming issue and where I happen to sit in terms of the debate. You can … Continue reading

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A boy, a couger, an Angel – how could I not write about this?

Big headline in the news this morning: Domesticated canine reacts with evolved instincts, protects pack member from wild animal. Hardly. The way Lloyd Forman sees it, his 11-year-old grandson was saved by an Angel. Yes, the Star article takes the … Continue reading

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And they’d better leave those rats in Papua New Guinea…

Cripes. Rats the size of cats were found near a volcano while researchers were on a BBC “Lost World” television project over there. And, to add to creep factor, a spider with camouflage to look like lichen, which would make … Continue reading

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