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Morality Movie Monday – Twin Peaks: fire walk with me

True, it’s Tuesday, but we watched this last night, finally. And before I get to the thoughts about it: The song is created by Marjen, my dear Hubs, called “Waldo the Bird is Dead” — part of a “Prequel of … Continue reading

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Religious youth less likely to try drugs and alcohol, apparently

Science Daily is reporting on a paper published in Alcohol Treatment Quarterly. The youths participating in the study had been referred by the courts or by medical professionals. 195 juvenile offenders agreed to spend two months in a “residential treatment … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday: CCR — what were they smoking?

Seriously I ask that question. Follow along with the lyrics for one of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s strangest, yet most alluring, songs: There’s a giant doing cartwheels a statue wearin’ high heels Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the … Continue reading

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Dear Billy Graham: I tried cocaine

I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed Billy Graham. I’ve been reading his mail for years. I fell off while I wasn’t blogging, but now that I’m back in the swing of things, I thought I should look up … Continue reading

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Got a new box of Scruples

Very exciting. The Little Man and I enjoy walking around the neighbourhood on weekends looking for garage sales and today I struck gold with a mint 2nd edition copy of A Question of Scruples, still with the original 1986 Wool-co … Continue reading

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I think people misunderstand the term “God-given” right

For one thing, they seem to think there actually is such a thing as a “God-given” right, and for another thing, they tend to apply the concept to things that would never qualify even if there was. Take this story … Continue reading

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“three bishops are in custody after they were found with drugs”

Rodgers Luhwago reports from Tanzania on the story that broke there recently. Apparently donations from the flocks aren’t the only reason why those religious men are rolling in dough. He states that his source for this is the Guardian on … Continue reading

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