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I guess dogs don’t go to heaven..

They can’t have communion either. The Anglican priest who willingly fed a wafer to a man’s pet recently has come out to apologize to every believer who freaked out over the idea of letting a dog eat a piece of … Continue reading

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A boy, a couger, an Angel – how could I not write about this?

Big headline in the news this morning: Domesticated canine reacts with evolved instincts, protects pack member from wild animal. Hardly. The way Lloyd Forman sees it, his 11-year-old grandson was saved by an Angel. Yes, the Star article takes the … Continue reading

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If this were an American story…

would they be overtly thanking God for the happy ending? There’s nothing of the kind in the CBC’s report of a 2 year old boy kept safe in the wilderness by following some other family’s dog. Which is very cool. … Continue reading

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