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“Is it possible that …Jesus learned to purify his mind using ancient Vedic techniques?”

I love how people get so worked up about Christ’s missing years that they’ll go through this much trouble to invent one for him. There’s a three part set of documentaries suggesting Jesus was in India at the tender age … Continue reading

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52% of people polled think God is A-OK

It’s a slim majority but apparently it’s the number of people polled who think that if God exists, he’s doing a fine job running the universe. “When asked to evaluate God on some of the issues it is responsible for, … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking advises against alien contact?

I get this via Daniel Florien at unreasonable faith. Apparently the concern is that aliens, once made aware of little ole us, would come over and strip the fridge (that is, the Earth) bare of necessary resources. More from the … Continue reading

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