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If it’s not a curse, then Ebola is God’s way of ridding the earth of atheists…

and abortionists and homosexuals and promiscuity in general. At least, if Rick Wiles can be believed. (News flash: he can’t.) He’s a talk show host for something called Trunews and has become convinced that Ebola will cleanse the earth and … Continue reading

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Ebola is not a “curse from god”

We should really be thankful that more diseases don’t transfer between species, frankly. Many plagues and disease outbreaks had an animal origin. Horrible though it is, it’s just one of those viruses people get because we live around animals and … Continue reading

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Today is “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church”

…according to an ad at Christian News Headlines that leads to Open Doors USA, anyway. It’s jam packed with biased information about Christians around the world who aren’t blessed enough to be Americans or something. Don’t be thinking I’m belittling … Continue reading

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Death and disease bother me

I’d been to a skeptics meeting earlier this week and wound up bolting from it somewhere in the middle of a discussion over how people learn they have multiple sclerosis. I’m enough of a hypochondriac as it is without questioning … Continue reading

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How does a homeopath test for liver toxins?

It turns out my mother is the reason I have a healthy skepticism gene. We had coffee recently with a friend of hers who is around the bend over homeopathy and her daughter is as well. While I don’t know … Continue reading

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So Christians aren’t totally against carbon dating?

Read this: Using radiocarbon methods, the investigators discovered that this man dated back to 1-50 C.E., and did not receive a secondary burial, which was particularly rare for this type of tomb. And, while they found this man buried in … Continue reading

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Could religion have evolved to isolate diseases?

I’m not going to agree or disagree with this theory. I’m just mentioning it. Two researchers have decided to look for correlations between belief systems and parasites and have found something interesting – in places where there are more infectious … Continue reading

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