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Would you consider this a pro-creationist dinosaur game?

I would. (edit Feb 12/2012 laugh and a half: read the first comment.) Regular readers know I never do game reviews but I felt like remarking on this one. The game’s called Dino Panic and it’s from GodSeeD Studios, a … Continue reading

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“Don’t blame God for world’s heartaches”

Rev. Jeff Barnes of Newsong Fellowship Church has a piece in his local paper with the same title and it’s worth some comments from this peanut gallery. The question that inevitably surfaces is, “Why doesn’t God keep all these bad … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party vol. 42

What the hell did this mean, I wondered: puslespil+dinosaur Turns out puslespil is Norwegian for problem, which led me to a pile of puzzle games I’ve never played before. (Speaking of – the post that popped up on account of … Continue reading

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My second-favourite dinosaur has ceased to exist

Well, I mean, it was extinct already anyway, but it looks as if the tricerotops may have actually been a young adult version of a different dino altogether – the torosaurus. Scannella and Horner examined 29 triceratops skulls and nine … Continue reading

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Since Christmas is less than three months away…

It’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate it. I just discovered a book that makes me wish I had kids — The Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas by Anne Muecke. Not only do you get the book, but a … Continue reading

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Defending evolution

This is from a letter to the editor: Allow me to point out that just because an idea is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean it is valid. Otherwise one could argue that we should eat cow pies since billions of flies … Continue reading

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