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The One Minion Search Party vol. 30

I used to reserve a post on Wednesdays for my favourite search engine terms. It fell by the wayside after a while, but I think I’m going to resurrect it. Curiosity needs to be nurtured, after all, and if hunts … Continue reading

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What is it like to see demons everywhere?

A book was recently published about a professional exorcist. Fr. Gabriele Amorth works in Rome and claims awareness of satanic sects working in the Vatican. The book, “Father Amorth. Memoirs of an Exorcist. My life fighting against Satan.” was written … Continue reading

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The saddest thing I’ve read in a long time.

Once more I am glad I never had to go through any faith-based trauma to get where I am today. I fell into something of a depression when Michael Jackson died. I was unbelievably sad. I was embarrassed to tell … Continue reading

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With no religion, would people still be this crazy?

Les over at Stupid Evil Bastard (and others) already did a rundown of this article by Kimberly Daniels (I edit Oct 31: they’ve added an editor’s note about its “controversial” nature now.) but I think there’s enough crazy to go … Continue reading

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As far as I know, if you kill your whole family

heaven has ceased to be the place you’ll retire. A Florida man admitted to reporters that he killed his wife and five “innocent” children, adding that he wants to be executed “right away” so he can be buried with them … Continue reading

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Friday Night Frights (One Minion meets a Star Knight)

“There’s no silliness preceding tonight’s picture, Star Knight. There is only me, Sidoh. Minion felt it best if I see this movie because I, too, am a stranger in this world. I am shinigami, a soul reaper, from another dimension … Continue reading

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Satan is my baby’s father!

It sounds like a headline Weekly World News would have, but it’s the topic of an article from the Boston Herald. The mother involved will be tested for psychosis. It’s good to see that people aren’t assuming the now-12 year … Continue reading

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Nephilim Stargates – aliens come calling but they don’t sell Avon

Did you miss this? I missed this. Time to continue my series on Thomas R. Horn’s entertaining book, Nephilim Stargates: the year 2012 and the return of the Watchers. Look for the rest listed in the reviews category. Chapter 9 … Continue reading

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