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Dear Christians – lions don’t care about Jesus

Please stop trying to show the strength of your faith by facing one or more of them. This news story from South Africa’s Kruger National Park: • Zion Church member Alec Ndiwane wanted to show God would save him • … Continue reading

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I hate to say it, but why didn’t they see it coming?

It’s such a cliché phrase when talking about something bad happening to psychics etc. but it’s still a good question when the the whole point of fortune telling is being able to predict the future. I found an article updating … Continue reading

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How (not) to save your four year old

Possummomma already wrote about this “mother” but I feel compelled to give the original post a similar treatment. I don’t have kids but it’s a safe bet I’d never treat them this horribly if I did. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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