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Somebody was hunting for Crystal Cathedral news

which got me curious. What’s been going on with that notorious icon of religious excess? I don’t know how I missed this story, but in March of this year the church put forth an edict that practicing homosexuals can’t sing … Continue reading

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I don’t feel sorry for the Schullers. Sorry

I’m sorry I don’t feel more sorry for them. But Crystal Cathedral made a shit load of money over the years and then they squandered it all (and more) on pomp and majesty and excess. Did they think they’d ride … Continue reading

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Irony bought and sold

So, I got a haircut on Friday. This is only to set the stage – a $30 to cut hair stage. Not my usual expense for hair, I’ll tell you. I was only there because I didn’t get a cheaper … Continue reading

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A debt that’s really easy to avoid if you know how

Do you want to know the secret? It’s an amazing one. I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of how easy it is to avoid certain kinds of costly fees when they’re in the habit of borrowing. Some people owe hundreds … Continue reading

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If prayer really worked, would people need to do it anymore?

Faith leaders from across the United States are taking their prayers on holiday to the Treasury building in D.C. Why they can’t stay home and pray on their knees in their bedrooms like good little boys and girls is beyond … Continue reading

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