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When parents pick prayer over health care

Children die, of course. This tragedy occurred in 2013 but is in Calgary court now. According to testimony, Emil and Rodica Radita returned from church to find their 15-year-old son not breathing. They waited 2 whole fucking hours before calling … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: how old should a kid be before killing something?

When I was in junior high school or thereabouts, my eldest cousin was down visiting and his kids and I were playing upstairs at my Grandpa’s. The boy was 4 or so at the time and poking around in the … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not kill — unless you’re an elderly church deacon and he’s homeless?

And likely not to be charged with any crime, according to police: Eighty-year-old Lillian McTodd, dressed head to toe in white, struck the man as he pushed a shopping cart containing bottles on Gates Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant at around 10:30‚ÄČa.m., … Continue reading

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Saturday snicker: “Pardon me, demon. I have to take this phone call..”

Ah, haha.. An exorcist has just begun his attempt to cure this man of whatever demon ails him when the phone rings… The accent is hard to for me to understand and also the sound quality is cell phone poor … Continue reading

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Witchhunts in Cambodia

Not a country I know about, but apparently it’s one with enough superstition and belief in the supernatural to create mobs intent on accusing ordinary people of black magic and sorcery. Why they thought Pov Sovann was trouble? He was … Continue reading

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Psychic “predicted” Robin Williams’ death

In other words, woman claiming to be “psychic” rattled off a long list of prominent celebrities on a death list and got one lucky hit. Here’s Psychic Nikki’s list in its entirety. First, there are a bunch of very old … Continue reading

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Robin Williams, I hardly knew you

His death was news everywhere yesterday. He’d had trouble with depression and substance abuse and last month had decided to go back to a treatment program. Something happened between that hopeful decision and yesterday when he took his own life. … Continue reading

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